Becoming a Driver for Lyft

  • Become your own boss, meet exciting new people, and supplement your income by driving with Lyft. A single app can be your path to a part-time or even full-time job: you don't even need a car to get started. This eBook covers everything you need to know about driving for Lyft:  


    Why become a driver for Lyft? What are the requirements for driving for Lyft? Lyft vs. Uber: Which should you drive for? Onboarding: How do you start driving for Lyft? How long does it take to start driving for Lyft? What if you don’t have an acceptable car?


    How do you pick up rides? How can you make more in tips? How do you maintain a high star rating? How do you get more rides? How much money will you make? Do you need to pay taxes on your income? How can you stay safe?


    What happens if a passenger cancels their ride? Do you need additional insurance to drive for Lyft? How do you handle lost-and-found items? What are Lyft Lux, Lyft Black, and Lyft XL?
  • April 8, 2019
  • 14 pages